Maelstrom: A new beginning

The book is currently in the ending phase.  It is being reworked in some areas and edited as much as needed for it to flow better and make more sense.  My first draft was a mess and I do not want to repeat  it  a  second  time,  so  making  sure that everything makes sense and is actually progressing accordingly.


The  characters  and  companions  are  being  reworked  as  well. Mostly  because  I  don't  want  this  to be an OP story and more 'believable' than most. There will be  a  lot  of  pain  and  suffering awaiting our main  heroes  and their  progress  will be slow, but in the end, it will prove to be the better choice. 


The village system has been reworked as well when compared to the  first draft. It will be a lot  slower  and harder  as  well, as  the actual building of  a  village  doesn't happen over night or with the wave of a finger in such a setting and world.


When the writing is finally done, I will post another update so you know that the time is near.


Greetings, A.K. Denic

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