Maelstrom book 1: A new beginning (November '17)

Being at the wrong time at the wrong place sure can mess up your life. When you add a fallen Angel into the mix and her vengeful father, a God, you are screwed.


Kaden found that out the hard way as he first got killed by God himself, then given a chance to live in a world where the odds are in God's favor and everything that happens there is a game for him. However, that game is quite painful for both Kaden and Laney who keep getting hurt while they fight for their life.


Things get worse when a second force makes an even greater mess out of everything and dangers keep stacking against them.

Dead to the world book 1: Sacrifice

In a world where humans, monsters and demons alike roam the plains, it is all one can do to stay alive or at least die trying.

Kane is one of the strong, the survivors. Left by his parents when he was a little boy to fend for himself and survive by any means necessary, a far worse fate is awaiting him than he ever thought possible.

Losing his soul to a demon deprived him of most what was left inside of him, but an unlikely encounter will change everything when he falls in love. How much can love endure? How much does one have to sacrifice to stay on the right path and not give in to chaos and destruction?

Dead to the world book 2: Apocalypse

A year has passed since the battle at Krafne and the mutual destruction of Kane and his father. The castle is still held by the Kefir army but only barely with the war taking a heavy toll on both sides.

The Kravnjans are trying to rebuild their own army and kingdom in the aftermath while Janine has been in coma ever since Kane died. Gabriel has taken over in leading the kingdom, with the king only there as a figurehead. Prosperity has returned and with no immediate threat, everyone has turned to a normal life. However, when Janine finally awakens, A great darkness does so and threatens to engulf the whole world in chaos and destruction. Will they be able to protect what they hold dear without the one person who held everything together?

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